Anthropology 101: Biological Anthropology



Fall 2016 TTh 9:35 am syllabus

Fall 2016 TTh 11 am syllabus


Supplemental Instruction and Tutoring

My Anthropology 101 courses on TTh is enhanced with attendance at Supplemental Instruction sessions. For Fall 2016, these sessions are offered weekly on (TBD).

We also have Anthropology tutors available. Visit Library and Learning Center on East Campus and set up an appointment for a half-hour tutoring session. Call them at (209) 575-6460 for days and times that fit your schedule.


Course Files/Documents

Study Guides:

--Unit 1 Study Guide

--Unit 2 Study Guide

--Unit 3 Study Guide

--Unit 4 Study Guide

--Unit 5 Study Guide


Journal Files:

--General Instructions for the Journal Assignments

--Unit 1 Journal--Week 1 and Week 2

--Unit 2 Journal--TBA

--Unit 3 Journal--TBA

--Unit 4 Journal--TBA

--Unit 5 Journal--TBA


Links Used in Class Lectures

Protein Synthesis Animation

Mesolithic/Neolithic and Consequences of Agriculture PPT


Posted Grades

Access Canvas shell to keep track of grades and get documents. The login page for our class is found at


Textbooks Required for Class (see titles below)


Cover of Larsen, Essentials of Physical AnthropologyShubin Book CoverGoodall Book Cover


Larsen: The main textbook. The 2nd edition of Larsen is best (the first has one less chapter and chapter numbers are different). If you are in a bind and can go to the Library reserve desk to copy the extras from the 2nd edition that is on reserve there, you may try using the 1st edition. We will NOT be using the newest (3rd) edition.

ISBN 2nd ed.: 978-0-393-91938-7

Shubin: Will be read in class beginning the second week and topics of quizzes and journal will be drawn from the content. There is only one edition, but there are different printings, and it can be found in hardcover or paperback. Any type will work. ISBN: 0307277453

Goodall: Will be read in class beginning the 8th week of class. It will go quickly, so do not delay in getting this book!

Textbook Web Page Links


Biological Anthropology Web Links

Evolution Links:


Primate Links:


 Fossil Human Links: