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Course Info:

This class will be taught in Canvas. Many tutorial videos will be provided to get you started in the class.

Access to the online course should occur automatically as MJC is fully intergrated with Canvas this semester. If you cannot access your class through the Online Class link on the MJC homepage, please contact the Online Helpdesk at 575-7900. It is also very important that you check your MJC email since I will send you messages there before class begins. If your email is not working, contact the professor right away via email ( and provide an alternate email.


Textbooks Required for Class (see titles below)

book coverShubin Book CoverGoodall Book Cover


Larsen: The main textbook. I have JUST moved to the 4th edition of Larsen. If you are in a bind in terms of buying the book, you may go to the Library reserve desk where I have a copy on file for your in-library use.

IMPORTANT REQUIRED COMPONENT TO LARSEN! We will be using a practice tool called InQuizitive that comes with the textbook (if purchased new), but also can be purchased on it's own for $20 at the publisher if you buy a used book (you may do this once you are in our Canvas shell and access an assignment for the first time). Visit the W. W. Norton publisher's website to see all options for this textbook. You will access InQuizitive through our Canvas shell. I will give you more information about this as we start the semester. You WILL NOT NEED A STUDENT is integrated into Canvas and I will tell you more about it there.

Shubin: Will be read in class beginning the second week and topics of quizzes and journal will be drawn from the content. There is only one edition, but there are different printings, and it can be found in hardcover or paperback. Any type will work. ISBN: 0307277453

Goodall: Will be read in class beginning the 8th week of class. It will go quickly, so do not delay in getting this book!

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