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Bachelor of Science Degree in Anthropology, UC Davis

Master of Arts Degree in Anthropology, UC Santa Barbara

Doctoral Degree in Anthropology, UC Santa Barbara



I have been teaching at MJC since August 2000. Since arriving, I completed my dissertation on the people of the island of San Nicolas, off the coast of southern California. This island is now a Naval Base, but is famous as the location of the story Island of the Blue Dolphins. A woman lived there alone for 18 years after her family was removed to the mainland and missionized. I am currently working on analysis of DNA from these people, as well as methods to extract DNA without destroying bones or teeth. I have collaborated on the successful extraction of human DNA from dental calculus (plaque) on prehistoric teeth. Most recently, I collaborated on a large-scale analysis of ancient DNA from the Americas to reveal patterns of migration into the New World, in an article published in Science Magazine (Scheib et. al, 2018) entitled "Ancient human parallel lineages within North America contributed to a coastal expansion."

I am also one of the faculty advisors for the Anthropology Club. Check them out on Facebook in the links to the right, email them at mjcanthropologyclub@gmail.com, or ask me about it.

Research and Other Anthropological Interests:

  •  Human skeletal biology/bioarchaeology
  •  Forensic Anthropology
  •  California Archaeology
  •  Mitochondrial and full genome DNA of Ancient Californians

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