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Bachelor of Science Degree in Anthropology, UC Davis

Master of Arts Degree in Anthropology, UC Santa Barbara

Doctoral Degree in Anthropology, UC Santa Barbara



I have been teaching at MJC since August 2000. Since arriving, I completed my dissertation on the people of the island of San Nicolas, off the coast of southern California. This island is now a Naval Base, but is famous as the location of the story Island of the Blue Dolphins. A woman lived there alone for 18 years after her family was removed to the mainland and missionized. I am currently working on analysis of DNA from these people, as well as methods to extract DNA without destroying bones or teeth. I have collaborated on the successful extraction of human DNA from dental calculus (plaque) on prehistoric teeth.

I am also one of the faculty advisors for the Anthropology Club. Check them out on Facebook in the links to the right, email them at mjcanthropologyclub@gmail.com, or ask me about it.


Research and Other Anthropological Interests:

  •  Human skeletal biology/bioarchaeology
  •  Forensic Anthropology
  •  California Archaeology
  •  Mitochondrial DNA of Ancient Californians

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